On August 07 2021 STS Logistics turned 25 years old!

On August 07, 2021, STS Logistics celebrated the company's 25th anniversary. It was the final day of the summer management meeting dedicated to this significant date.

The celebration was held on the motor ship "River Palace". The organization of the holiday was at its best: awards, music, congratulations, dancing, catering. The participants prepared their own surprise numbers. Even former employees participated-they congratulated them remotely, which touched many.

One of the most remarkable moments was how much the company's management itself gave 100% on this evening to make it memorable for a lifetime.

Kirill Vlasov, General Director
Natalia Titova, Deputy General Director
Vladimir Dorokhov, Development Director

These are people who have incredible energy, which they transmit to employees and "ignite" them.

Of course, the holiday was a 100% success!